Indianapolis Sex Crimes Attorney Blog: Quick Guide to Indiana’s Sex Registry Offenses

Quick Reference Guide to the Crimes that Require Sex Registration in Indiana

One of the biggest complaints we receive in our office is that the Indiana Code is nearly impossible to decipher. Many times code sections refer to other code sections in such a circular fashion you can’t find your way back to where you started…and, sadly, reading each statute is like reading a foreign language (even to attorneys trained to read them) with a formatting structure designed by someone with a sick sense of humor. Indiana’s sex crime statutes and Indiana’s sex registry code are no exception.

Therefore, when a loved one is looking for a quick and concise place to glean some information on a particular crime they or their loved one is charged with, it can seem impossible to them to get a straight up, simple answer. At Banks & Brower, LLC we pride ourselves on sharing information by way of blogs in a concise, ease to read, straightforward way as to not confuse the reader. Many times we receive compliments when people call into our office looking for information because we provide clarity and brevity in seemingly complex cases.

And, what we have found is that one of the most complex statutes to read is the sex registration statute. So, it goes without saying that when someone is facing a sex registry based case, they are desperate to find answers to really important questions like: (1) will I have to register as a sex offender? (2) and, if I do have to register, for how long? Below is a simple chart we created to ease those concerns. While not every single caveat or exemption is included below, these charts were made to help simplify a terribly confusing statute. Below you will find two tables: (1) for all those crimes that require a 10-year sex registration, and (2) all those circumstances that require a lifetime registry.

Sex Crimes Requiring 10-year Registration

Sex Crimes Requiring Lifetime Registration

After having reviewed the aforementioned charts, if you or a loved one has questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the experienced Sex Crimes Attorneys at Banks & Brower, LLC. We have handled numerous sex crimes cases for most of the matters listed in these charts multiple times. With that experience comes the knowledge and the skill sets to help you through this difficult time. Calls us or email us 24/7/365 at 317.870.0019 or