Adam Brower


Adam Brower is an experienced litigator having worked as a deputy prosecutor for Marion County, Indiana.  During his tenure, Adam spent time concentrating in specialized litigation units focused on OVWI and DUI prosecution, HTV’s and Hardship Licenses, and all levels of felonies.

He has tried over 150 criminal cases to completion ranging from simple misdemeanors to complex felonies — all with an incredibly high success rate.

Before joining the prosecutor’s office, Adam was Corporate Counsel and for a large, multi-million dollar construction management firm, Envoy, Inc. As corporate counsel, he personally drafted and reviewed all different types of corporate and construction documents. He was personally involved in creating/drafting an entire new set of corporate documents, including buy-sell agreements, bylaws, and shareholders agreements. He also facilitated litigation on various construction accident claims as well. Adam also served on the Board of Directors,was a minority owner in the business, and held the title of Director of Sales, Business Development, and Marketing.

Adam was born and raised in Carmel, IN, and attended Westfield High School. He now lives in Brownsburg, IN, where he is a Brownsburg School Board Member, and has a beautiful wife and two children. He spends numerous hours a week volunteering in the community and coaching different sporting events.

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