The Criminal Defense Attorney Indianapolis Residents Count On

Being charged for a crime, whether a misdemeanor or major felony, has you facing a daunting situation. You need a strong support system on your side. At Banks & Brower, we’re determined to be the type of criminal defense attorney Indianapolis residents can count on—day and night.

A criminal charge might put you up against a lengthy probation or prison time, not to mention the fines and fees. Wherever you are in the state of Indiana, hiring a centrally-located Indianapolis criminal lawyer can help you get the best possible outcome for your case. The attorneys at Banks & Brower are former prosecutors and have focused on criminal law for years. With over two decades of criminal legal experience, our team will fight for you every step of the way.

Cases for a Criminal Law Attorney

While this list is not exhaustive, you might hire a criminal justice lawyer to represent you any one of the following:

There are a variety of charges that all fall under criminal law, and while a misdemeanor is certainly different than a major felony, it is important to consult with a criminal law attorney for either type of charge. The attorneys at Banks & Brower have represented clients and cases on all levels throughout the state. We will always work to defend your rights.

Find Your Indianapolis Criminal Lawyer at Banks & Brower

Our law firm is based on the northside of Indianapolis and our lawyers defend clients throughout the entire state of Indiana. When you need to find a criminal defense attorney, you can always call on us. Our attorneys are proud to defend Hoosiers in times of need. As your criminal justice lawyer, we’ll stand by your side in any tough situation.

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