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February 4, 2018

Pre-trial Release Program Indiana

Pre-trial Release Program Indiana – The purpose of bail is to assure that a defendant will appear for court hearings as well as trying to assure public safety all the while balancing the concept that a person is innocent until proven guilty.  In many circumstances, once an individual was arrested, they would have to remain in custody unless they were able to pay a certain amount of money in exchange for their release.  This concept obviously presents a fairness issue as those who could afford to be released could, whereas somebody would couldn’t would have to sit in jail for the same alleged crime.  To combat this fairness issue as well as to attempt to make the process more efficient, […]
January 31, 2018

Conditions of Probation & in Indiana

Conditions of Probation & Violations in Indiana – The most common result of being convicted of a crime is receiving a suspended sentence and being required to serve a period of probation.  While on probation there are numerous things the court may require a person to do.  In some circumstances, there are requirements that must be ordered but, in general, in addition to fees, the following is a list of things the court MAY order. That the person: (1) Work faithfully at suitable employment or faithfully pursue a course of study or career and technical education that will equip the person for suitable employment. (2) Undergo available medical or psychiatric treatment and remain in a specified institution if required for […]
January 28, 2018

Expunging DCS, CHINs, Juvenile Cases & Diversions in Indiana

Expunging DCS, CHINs, Juvenile Cases & Diversions – Expunging DCS and CHINs cases Under Indiana law, it is not just regular misdemeanor and felony cases that can be expunged and hidden (or in some cases removed) from you record. You can also remove DCS substantiated or unsubstantiated reports of abuse and Child in Need of Services (CHINs) cases from your record. While these two types of reports and cases may not seem to have an immediate effect on you after the matter is closed, there are several collateral consequences that may apply to you such as being ineligible to go on your child or other family member’s school field trip, job placement with school systems or other human service institutions, […]
January 21, 2018

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment Locations

A List of Local Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment Locations – When people are accused and/or convicted of an alcohol or drug based offense, often times their attorneys and/or the courts will require that that person complete an Alcohol or Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment. Below is a list of locations where those evaluations and classes can be found. These locations can also be utilized people that are seeking treatment unrelated to a court case or criminal charge. This by no means is an exhaustive list, but it is extensive, and is a great starting point for anyone seeking treatment. The locations below are not listed in any particular order as well. Many of the places below are industry recognized […]
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