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What Happens if You’re Subpoenaed for a Deposition?

Being subpoenaed for a deposition can be a nerve-wracking experience that you may be called in for if you are a victim of a crime,read more

When do the Police Need a Warrant?

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution appears to require law enforcement to obtain a warrant before searching your person or property. Of course,read more

Custody: How Does a Court Decide

In Indiana, when parents are in a custody dispute, the Court has to make a decision that will impact their children and each of theread more

Expungements – A New Year’s Resolution You Won’t Fail

Many people spend the New Year’s holiday re-evaluating their lives. Questioning their life choices, diet, exercise routine, (marriages?) and everything else under the sun. Theyread more

Distinguishing Between OVWI Charges

Although DUIs (or OVWIs in Indiana) are unfortunately all too common, there are several charges that can be brought based on the circumstances, and theread more

Making Sense of Russell v. State and its Impact on Home Detention Sentences

A sentence for a criminal offense can be either executed or suspended.  When a sentence is suspended, some or part of the sentence is typicallyread more

How to Obtain Specialized Driving Privileges After Refusing a Chemical Test

Under Indiana law, a court may grant certain persons convicted or accused of motor vehicle related crime, such as DUI/OVWI, a legal remedy called “Specializedread more

How the Federal Respect for Marriage Act Affects Hoosier Families

Since the groundbreaking civil rights victory in Obergefell codified same-sex marriage in 2015, same-sex couples across America have utilized the legal protection to build theirread more

How to Lift a No Contact Order

Here at Banks and Brower we frequently get calls from people who had an argument, fight, or misunderstanding with a loved one. The police areread more

What is a Batson Challenge?

A longtime tenant of the American judicial system is that every individual is entitled to a fair and impartial jury trial.  Over the history ofread more