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“Drug trafficking” refers to the transporting, selling, or illegal importing of unlawful controlled substances. There are federal and state drug trafficking laws that prohibit these actions, with penalties ranging from a few years to life in prison. If Indianapolis police have arrested you for drug trafficking, you need a skilled Indianapolis drug trafficking defense attorney in your corner. Trust the lawyers at Banks & Brower for exceptional legal defense for crimes as serious as drug trafficking. Retaining a reputable attorney can make a huge difference in the future of your case.

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What Is Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking is not the same as drug dealing or drug possession. Under federal law, trafficking comes with its own statutes and penalties. Someone is guilty of drug trafficking if he or she sells or transports illicit drugs. Although there is no specific drug trafficking law within the state of Indiana, states courts do criminalize drug trafficking in a weight fashion, meaning offenders convicted of distributing or transporting drugs on a larger scale will face heftier penalties than dealers selling smaller amounts.

In Indiana, someone might face drug trafficking charges if he or she played a role in a large-scale drug sale offense. Anyone who knowingly or intentionally delivers manufacturers, of finances the delivery/manufacturer of drugs is breaking the law. Possessing drugs with the intent to do these things also constitutes drug trafficking. Under the state’s Uniform Controlled Substance Act, large-scale drug trafficking is a serious felony offense that could result in years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.

Keep in mind that it is possible to face penalties for drug trafficking under both state and federal law. This can mean 180 days to 30 or more years in prison, as well as a maximum fine of $10,000. Under both state and federal laws, drug trafficking is a more serious crime than drug possession. Since an offender had the intent to distribute the drug to others, and not just to consume the drugs him/herself, the courts will generally penalize the offender more harshly. It’s very important to seek legal representation if you’re facing drug trafficking charges in Indianapolis.

Understanding the Court Process for a Drug Trafficking Case

Upon your arrest, the best thing you can do for yourself is to remain calm, courteous, and quiet. Do not resist arrest, shout at police officers, or say anything that police could use against you. The less you say to police during and after arrest, the better. Simply tell the arresting officer that you will not answer any questions until you have an attorney with you. Then, at the earliest opportunity, contact Banks & Brower for assistance.

To have a case against you for drug trafficking, the prosecution will need to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This can require evidence that you were in possession of drugs with the intent to deliver, manufacturer, or finance them, or that you were involved in other drug trafficking activity. Simply possessing a large quantity of an illicit substance might not be enough to prove drug trafficking. The prosecution must prove your intent to distribute or deliver the drugs to charge you with this crime.

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Banks & Brower can use decades of criminal defense experience to come up with the best course of action for your particular case. Our lawyers will sit with you during one-on-one consultations, listen to your story, and think of creative and comprehensive legal strategies to help you. We might suggest a non-guilty plea, a plea deal, or some other action that has the best chance at case dismissal or reduced charges and penalties. We’ll work with you and for you to protect your future in the face of drug trafficking charges. To schedule a meeting with a Indianapolis drug crime attorney consult in Indianapolis, call (317) 870-0019.

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