How to Find the Right Drinking & Driving Attorney

In Indiana, you will be charged with Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (OWI or OVWI) if arrested for being intoxicated while driving. This is more commonly known as a DUI. Indianapolis DUI lawyers at Banks & Brower have over 40 years of combined experience to tackle even the most complex DUI cases.

What to look for before hiring a lawyer:

The next step in selecting an attorney is to meet with him/her in person. This in-person meeting will help determine whether the attorney will be a good fit.

The initial consultation should include:

Final Questions to ask before hiring:

Banks & Brower are principled Indianapolis criminal attorneys with proven results. We are accessible to our clients 24/7 and will walk you through the complexities of the legal process with care and consideration to achieve the best possible outcome. Contact us today to set up a consultation.