How to Find the Right Drinking & Driving Attorney

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In Indiana, you will be charged with Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (OWI or OVWI) if arrested for being intoxicated while driving. This is more commonly known as a DUI. Indianapolis DUI lawyers at Banks & Brower have over 40 years of combined experience to tackle even the most complex DUI cases.

What to look for before hiring a lawyer:

  • Local Experience

    •  Local lawyers will know how to navigate the nuances of the local court system. They will be familiar with the courts, prosecutors, and judges that would be handling your case.
  • Legal Record

    • Make sure the attorney you hire is a current member, in good standing, of the Indiana State Bar Association without any disciplinary action.
  • DUI Experience

    • Being arrested for a DUI in the state of Indiana can mean the asuspension of your license to drive for an average of 90 days. It is important that the attorney representing you is familiar with the Indiana BMV administrative review process as well as the criminal court system.
  • Prosecutorial Experience

    • An experienced prosecutor turned defense attorney knows, first-hand, the tactics and strategies that will be used against you. Having this invaluable insight allows the attorney to mount a proactive defense.

The next step in selecting an attorney is to meet with him/her in person. This in-person meeting will help determine whether the attorney will be a good fit.

The initial consultation should include:

  • Documents

    • Bring all documents related to the DUI with you to the initial consultation. Every case is unique, so the attorney needs to see the specific laws you are accused of violating. Don’t forget BMV communications, as well.
  • Experience

    • Discuss the attorney’s experience. Ask specifically about their success rate and what different strategies they have employed with other DUI clients to get the charges dismissed.
  • The Facts

    • Do not leave anything out. Your attorney can only help you if they know ALL the facts of the case. Let the attorney decide whether the information is relevant. Being arrested can be embarrassing but succumbing to embarrassment and leaving out important information can have devastating consequences for you.
  • Strategy

    • By the time you leave the attorney’s office, you should have a clear idea of the type of strategy your lawyer is likely to employ in your case and why.
  • Write It Down

    • Retaining information is hard during an emotional time. Be sure to write down the information and instructions the attorney gives you.

Final Questions to ask before hiring:

  • Do you trust him/her?
    • Looking at attorney reviews can help you find out what other people are saying about the attorney. Is it in alignment with what the attorney told you in the initial consultation?
  • How are his/her communication skills?
    • An attorney needs to be able to communicate the facts of your case to a judge and jury in way that is easy to understand.
  • Does the attorney seem confident?
    • A lack of confidence can translate into ambivalence or uncertainty. If you feel they are uncertain, so will the judge. It also could be an indicator that they do not have the level of experience they claim.
  • Are you comfortable with the attorney?
    • This is a vulnerable time and you need to feel comfortable opening up to your attorney, so they will be able to provide you with the best possible defense.

Banks & Brower are principled Indianapolis criminal attorneys with proven results. We are accessible to our clients 24/7 and will walk you through the complexities of the legal process with care and consideration to achieve the best possible outcome. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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