DUI Expungements

DUI expungements offer hope and a clean record

A DUI (driving under the influence) or OWI (operating while intoxicated ) arrest doesn’t have to result in years of struggle after the incident. Today Indiana law enforcement, state agencies and the legal community are coordinating on ways to rehabilitate people and help them turn over a new leaf. Part of this effort includes DUI expungements, on the rise since the expungement law went into effect in July 2013, according to the Indiana Lawyer.

More than 8,000 expungement petitions have been filed in Marion County since then, offering hope to the arrested. Expungements ease burdens from criminal records, in many cases removing offenses fromJudge signing a document public access, although criminal records remain intact. It can be a lifesaver for some, since misdemeanors can have long-ranging consequences. A blemish on your record could upset your ability to:

  • Find employment
  • Rent or buy a home
  • Attain child custody
  • Work with children  

In Indiana, expungements for DUIs are possible when an arrest occurs and either charges weren’t filed or they were dropped. A reversal on a conviction or being cleared via DNA evidence also makes an expungement attainable. A DUI attorney, however, is skilled on the various parameters of the law. They can best defend your case and seek opportunities soften the long-term outcome, which may include community service and drug treatment programs.

The state is often willing. It credits targeted patrols and visibility as one of the reasons why Indiana is ranked eight of the top 10 states with the lowest number of OWI offenses, according to BackgroundChecks.org. Education for police and the community alike, however, is proving productive. The goal is more to prevent drunk driving than to solely catch violators in the act.

Which can be good news if you are arrested for a DUI. Let us help you make sense of the charges, legal process, your rights and a strategy that can help you rebound and recover from the experience. Contact Banks and Brower for counsel today!


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