Defend Your Case with a Habitual Traffic Offender Lawyer

It’s not uncommon for someone to be labeled “habitual” or “HTV” on their driving record and not even know it. In fact, many individuals don’t understand how different types of ticket categories can influence this classification. Fortunately, a habitual traffic offender lawyer can help you make sense of the complicated traffic laws.

If you or a loved one are dealing with a “habitual” driving status, it’s important to contact a trusted legal advisor as soon as possible. The length of suspension can vary drastically based on different qualifications, but a habitual traffic offender lawyer can help you know what to expect with the legal system. They’ll review your citations and work on your behalf to protect and help you keep your driving privileges. With so much of your life at stake, it’s crucial to get the right defense attorney on your side.

How a Habitual Traffic Offender Attorney Can Help

Here in Indiana, there are certain qualifying factors for habitual traffic violators. The legislature puts them into three categories, plus a separate classification for individuals caught driving while their license was suspended. Your habitual traffic offender attorney can help you take on any of the distinct “qualifiers” and charges, as summarized below:

  • 10 Judgements in 10 Years – 5 Year Suspension
  • 3 Major Judgements in 10 Years – 10 Year Suspension
  • 2 Judgements in 10 Years (with 1 as a Major)
  • Driving While Suspended as a Habitual Traffic Violator – up to Lifting Suspension

Because each of these classifications has a unique set of consequences and associated suspensions, it’s always a good idea to have a knowledgeable habitual traffic offender lawyer review your case early on. They’ll work to make sure your rights are protected all throughout the legal proceedings and look at whether each allegation was made in accordance with the letter of the law.

For example, each judgment with a “habitual” violator must be made during a distinct stop. Even if two infractions were cited in a single stop, it can still only count as a single moving violation. Your habitual traffic offender attorney and legal defense team can cross-check every item on your driving record to make sure the charges you’re facing are fair. They can also help you review whether the BMV gave you proper, timely notice on those qualifying judgments. That attention to detail can make all the difference in your case.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Traffic Law

Hiring an experienced attorney helps ensure that every detail is covered in your case. Without the proper counsel, you could be leaving your life and driving freedoms up to chance. It’s not worth the risk of losing a privilege that’s this important just because of a technicality with paperwork.

At Banks & Brower, our attorneys are former prosecutors. This gives our clients a unique perspective for their cases. We’ve worked in the Habitual Traffic Violator court in Marion County in the past, and now we use our understanding of traffic law to help defend our clients’ rights. We can do the same for you. Please call us to get the habitual traffic offender lawyer you need for your case. Our team is here for you—no matter what charges you might be facing.

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