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A series of tickets in a relatively short amount of time can result in serious consequences. Unfortunately, many CDL holders learn the hard way how easy it can be to accumulate points on your license and even get it suspended. Having a CDL ticket attorney can help you keep your license and your job. Whether you have already admitted to a ticket, or you’re trying to decide if you should fight it, our legal team is here to help.

How a CDL Ticket Lawyer Can Help

Today’s technology allows any ticket (even those received out-of-state) to be immediately transferred to your local BMV/DMV. From there, those judgments can be listed on your certified driving record, included as part of your CDL record, and might even be forwarded to your employer. With enough judgments stacked up, you may be at risk of losing your CDL—even if some of those judgments are from another state.

Many states, including Indiana, consider some infractions to be serious without most people realizing it. CDL drivers might assume that certain types of tickets are well below the “major” or “serious” category when in reality, they aren’t. This catches many people by surprise. Common infractions that have higher consequences for CDL holders include:

  • Speeding 15 miles/hour over the posted limit
  • Making “improper” lane changes/lane violations
  • Following the vehicle ahead too closely
  • Mobile phone use

Because these and other judgments are considered “serious,” it’s best to stay informed and consult with a CDL ticket attorney before admitting to any ticket. Being charged with two serious infractions in three years can cause you to lose your license for 60 days. Receiving 3 serious infractions in that same amount of time results in losing your license for 120 days. Your CDL ticket lawyer can help you make sense of the technicalities regarding your driving record and work with you to find the best course of action for protecting your CDL.

Defend Your CDL with Our Traffic Law Team

The lawyers at Banks & Brower understand the importance of having your CDL intact. It’s more than just a license—it’s your livelihood. Because every situation is different, we use our understanding of the law and how different county and city courts operate to help secure the best possible

With so much at stake, it’s extremely important to have an experienced CDL ticket lawyer on your side. Our lawyers have an especially high success rate in negotiating CDL-matters, and we’re proud to offer our clients with the legal counsel they need during this stressful time. We’ll do the same for you.

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