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Types of Theft

Theft is a type of property crime that exists in many degrees and forms, but at its root theft involves taking property that belongs to someone else without their consent, and it could manifest in various scenarios, including:

  • Petty theft: property stolen is of minimal value
  • Robbery: using force or threat to take property
  • Embezzlement: stealing property entrusted to you to manage
  • Identity theft: electronic theft of personal information and assuming identity
  • Burglary: breaking and entering with the intent to steal
  • Intellectual property theft: stealing ideas, inventions, and creative expressions

Your history and the value and nature of stolen property affects how the crime is categorized and processed through the legal system. In Indiana, stealing can fall in three possible categories: a Class A misdemeanor, theft as a level 6 felony and auto theft.

Why You May Need a Theft Lawyer?

You may be arrested or receive a summons to appear or a warrant when a case is made against you. But regardless of how you end up in court, criminal cases all follow the same procedure, which includes:

  • Initial hearing
  • Bond reviews where appropriate
  • Hearings on no contact orders where appropriate
  • Multiple pre-trial conferences/status hearings
  • Final pre-trial conferences
  • Hearings on pre-trial motions and motions to suppress
  • Guilty plea/sentences and/or trial dates

The process is complicated, lengthy and requires expertise. The Indianapolis criminal attorneys at Banks & Brower can navigate the legal process for theft charges on your behalf. We have more than 80 years of criminal law experience in Indiana. We represent clients and cases on all levels. Because we are former prosecutors, we understand the tactics and strategy they will use to argue cases, and we are able to refute them with the right defense. We’re here to serve you.

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