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What is Expungement?

Expungement is a court order in which the county “seals,” or erases, a person’s legal record of arrest or conviction. In the eyes of the law, an expunged record does not exist. Expungement can erase the past and provide a priceless opportunity to live as if an arrest or conviction had never happened. In Indiana, an arrest that does not lead to conviction qualifies for record expungement, as do convictions under Indiana Code Sections 35-38-9-2 through five.

The Indiana government permits individuals to seal portions of their criminal records in what citizens call Indiana’s “Second Chance Law.” Successful expungements mean that cases will not show up in criminal background checks, except those law enforcement agencies and the courts conduct. If you’re interested in expunging your criminal record in Indianapolis, contact our Indianapolis expungement lawyers at Banks & Brower for assistance. Although you can represent yourself, retaining an attorney significantly increases your odds of successful record expungement.

How Banks & Brower Can Help With your Indiana Expungement

After getting your record expunged, it can suddenly become much easier to get a new job, qualify for housing, and secure loans. The process of expungement, however, can be long and grueling if you don’t know what you’re doing. Retaining one of our Indianapolis expungement lawyers to handle the process for you can give you the best chance of expungement upon your very first application. Our Indianapolis expungement lawyers can take care of the legwork of your request, including tasks such as:

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An Indianapolis expungement attorney from Banks & Brower can communicate with the prosecuting attorneys on your behalf, petition for expungement according to state rules, and provide the courts with all necessary information and documentation surrounding your case. We can make sure your expungement request falls into the right hands at the right time, optimizing your odds of success. We’ll work with the courts to request early filing, if applicable, to expedite the expungement process. Our criminal defense team will do everything we can to clear your record. To learn more, contact us to request a free consultation.

Indianapolis Expungement Lawyer

Do You Qualify for Record Expungement in Indiana?

In Indiana, you might qualify for expungement if your court case resulted in a not-guilty verdict or case dismissal. You could expunge your arrest record if the arrest did not result in a conviction or if the courts vacated the conviction on an appeal. Individuals with misdemeanor convictions could also qualify for record expungement. After a specific waiting period, someone with a misdemeanor could petition for expungement, as long as there are no other pending charges against the person and he/she has completed the sentence.

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Expungement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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