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Even if you have a criminal conviction on your record, you may not need to live with it forever. An Indiana expungement attorney can work to virtually erase previous convictions from your record. If you, or someone you love, are ready to update your old record and have it reflect where you are now in your life, call our office. We’ll set you up with a knowledgeable post-conviction relief attorney (or PCR attorney) from our team. They’ll give you the legal counsel you need and the dedicated representation you deserve to essentially wipe the slate clean on your past.

At Banks & Brower, we understand that your individual lawyer expungement process will look different from anyone else’s. That’s why we take the time to listen to your concerns, discuss the possible outcomes, and figure out if pursuing a criminal record sealing case will be right for you. Call us now at 317-434-1465 to start the conversation.

How Does Sealing Criminal Records Work?

There are a couple different scenarios for how sealing criminal records works in Indiana. The first type deals with previous charges and arrests without convictions. There are other parameters for misdemeanors and felony charges.

Sealing a Prior Arrest:

If at least one year has passed since you were charged with a crime and arrested, you have the opportunity to seal access to that arrest—as long as you weren’t convicted. Your Indiana expungement attorney can petition the court on your behalf. Once their work is complete, no one conducting a background check on you should see that arrest on your record.

Expunging a Misdemeanor:

Even if you were previously convicted of a misdemeanor you can take it off your record if you meet certain criteria. First, you’ll need to talk with a post-conviction relief lawyer to determine if this is the right time to have the misdemeanor expunged. You can only petition for expungement once in your lifetime, and at least 5 years must have passed. Other requirements include having no current criminal charges pending, no other convictions, and a successful completion of all the terms of any previous sentence.

Expunging Other Felonies:

Being convicted of a high-level felony charge has additional rules for filling expungement. (These steps also relate to sealing federal criminal records.) If at least 8 years have passed since the conviction, no you have pending charges, and your driver’s license is in good standing, you might be able to have an Indiana expungement attorney clear your record. There are other stipulations if you’ve ever served as an elected official or if the conviction was for a higher level felony, but a PCR attorney can discuss the specific details of sealing criminal records—and how the rules pertain to you—during a free initial consultation.

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The stipulations surrounding expungement can be confusing, but an experienced Indiana expungement attorney can help you quickly sift through the facts and determine your best long-term solution. If expungement is a valid option for you, we would be happy to consult with you on the process. At Banks & Brower, our goal is to serve your best interests.

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