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College students can wind up in trouble for a variety of reasons, from underage drinking and drug use to bullying, hazing, theft, and sexual assault. When students face these kinds of charges they typically must endure an inquiry from the school as well as criminal charges from the state. The attorneys at Banks & Brower represent students accused of campus crimes and help them navigate both situations. We also ensure a client’s participation in a school-level investigation does not compromise his or her criminal case.

Everyone has the right to an attorney and due process when facing criminal charges. An arrest and conviction while in school can lead to expulsion, expensive legal fees and fines, and difficulty for the convicted student when trying to re-enter collegiate life or securing future employment. A campus crime attorney in Indianapolis can help in several ways.

First Steps After Arrest

A good rule of thumb for anyone is to remain silent after an arrest until you have a lawyer present. This applies regardless of innocence or guilt. When the police read an arrested person his or her Miranda rights, they state “…anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” Take this as a serious warning that anything you might may be construed by the police as an admission of guilt. Remain silent except to ask for permission to contact your attorney, and call the team at Banks & Brower for legal representation.

Your attorney will advise you on your next best steps, whether bail is available or advisable, and help you start building a defense. The burden of proof rests on the prosecution no matter what type of campus crime is in play in your situation. It’s up to the state to compile evidence proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If you attempt to represent yourself in court, it’s very likely you lack the knowledge and resources necessary to avoid a conviction. The court will assign a public defender to your case if you can’t afford a defense attorney. However, it’s important to note that at any time you may wish to forego the public defender (or fire him or her if he or she has already started working on your case) and hire a private lawyer.

How Can an Attorney Help?

If you are facing charges for a campus crime, your attorney can help in several different ways. If you are facing false charges or are innocent, your defense attorney will work to pick apart the prosecution’s case and prove your innocence.  The attorney may also establish enough reasonable doubt to escape conviction if your innocence can’t be proven outright.  Your attorney will help you navigate plea bargains, statements to the court, and the trial process in general if you are guilty in any way of the charge before you.

A reliable criminal defense attorney can also help establish elements of the situation that prove you acted in self-defense, were denied your constitutional rights, or other factors in your case that may mitigate the subsequent penalties. Your attorney can also help to ensure the school honors your rights as an American citizen and conducts its investigation and hearings in an honorable, legal manner. A Banks & Brower attorney can act as your legal representative during school-level inquiries and hearings.

If you are facing criminal charges for a campus crime, remain silent except to request your lawyer. Contact our Criminal defense lawyers at Banks & Brower in Indianapolis for a consultation or to secure representation for your case. We’ll review the details of the charges against you, the evidence in play, and your side of the story to start building a case.

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