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Every person accused of criminal activity has the right to an attorney and due process in the United States. If you are facing an accusation of aggravated battery in the Indianapolis area, it’s vital to find an aggravated battery attorney who can accurately and responsibly handle your case. At Banks & Brower, we’ve built our reputation on results. A criminal charge for an aggravated battery can lead to jail time, fines, and difficulty finding employment. Reliable legal representation can make a difference in these situations. Our Indianapolis Aggravated Battery Attorneys understand what’s at stake in an aggravated battery case and take our responsibilities seriously through every step of the process.

How Can an Indianapolis Battery Defense Attorney Help?

Facing an accusation of aggravated battery is a serious issue with potentially lifelong consequences. An experienced criminal defense attorney can be invaluable to individuals in these situations. In any criminal case, the burden of proof falls on the prosecution. Prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt using the evidence available to them. The victim may also file a civil action against the accused in some aggravated battery cases. A defense attorney can potentially help in both of these scenarios.

In a criminal case, it’s up to the defense attorney to poke holes in the prosecution’s case or prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the evidence isn’t reliable in the case. The standards for evidence in criminal cases are very high, and a good defense attorney will know how to dismantle poorly constructed prosecutions.

Indianapolis Criminal defense lawyers analyze the evidence in a criminal case from every possible angle to test the validity of the charges against their clients. Even when clients are guilty, good criminal defense attorneys can have charges reduced, penalties lightened, and may even secure acquittals if the prosecution fails to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Banks & Brower is the highest-rated criminal defense firm in the Indianapolis area for good reason. Our clients know we have the experience and resources to handle even the toughest charges and defend our clients’ rights. Our attorneys are former prosecutors, so we know how prosecutors operate and how to interpret the law to the benefit of our clients. We can help a client accused of aggravated battery handle plea bargain negotiations, advise when to make statements and when to remain silent, and help navigate all of the legal proceedings.

Aggravated battery is a serious charge, but elements such as self-defense, mistaken identity, and exaggerated charges often come into play in these cases. The attorneys at Banks & Brower can help. Instead of relying on a public defender who likely has very little vested interest in your case, reach out to our team for a free consultation today.

Indianapolis Aggravated Battery Lawyer

Indiana’s Laws for Aggravated Battery

Aggravated battery is a violent crime carrying significant penalties in Indiana. State law defines aggravated battery as violently inflicting injury upon another person that causes serious injury, long-term impairment, or permanent disfigurement or carries a substantial risk of death. Aggravated battery can also apply to injuries that cause fetal death in the event the victim is a pregnant woman.  If the victim was a minor, or the victim died from his or her injuries, the offender likely faces an extended prison sentence if found guilty.

Incidents of aggravated battery, such as those listed above, would fall under a Level 3 felony classification. Level 3 felony aggravated battery charges in Indiana typically lead to a prison sentence of 3 to 16 years. Call our Indianapolis office at (317) 870-0019, and schedule a free case evaluation. 

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