Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment Locations

A List of Local Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment Locations

When people are accused and/or convicted of an alcohol or drug based offense, often times their attorneys and/or the courts will require that that person complete an Alcohol or Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment. Below is a list of locations where those evaluations and classes can be found. These locations can also be utilized people that are seeking treatment unrelated to a court case or criminal charge.

This by no means is an exhaustive list, but it is extensive, and is a great starting point for anyone seeking treatment. The locations below are not listed in any particular order as well. Many of the places below are industry recognized and accepted by most courts, probations, and prosecutors. Before signing up for any treatment evaluation and/or subsequent treatment, be sure to consult an attorney first, as they can give particular advice on which is the most appropriate for your individual situation. We hope this list helps.

  1. Proactive Resources, Noblesville or Carmel, 317.844.5742
  2. Aspire Counseling, Multiple Locations (Noblesville, etc), 877.574.1254
  3. Sowers of Seeds Counseling, Anderson, 765.649.3453
  4. Positive Outlook, Carmel, 317.412.7043
  5. Broad Ripple Counseling, Indianapolis, 317.251.9777
  6. Life Recovery Center, Indianapolis, 317.887.3290
  7. St. Vincent Stress Center, Indianapolis, 317.338.4800
  8. Advantage Counseling, Plainfield, 317.839.7323
  9. Intrinsic Dynamic, Indianapolis, 317.250.0207
  10. Libertad Counseling, Indianapolis, 317.240.2801
  11. Valle Vista Health System, Greenwood, 317.887.1348
  12. Alpha Resources Counseling, Indianapolis area, 317.353.8494 (east), 317.293.9874 (northwest)
  13. Affordable Drug Screening, Indianapolis, 317.332.0717
  14. Fairbanks, Indianapolis area, 317.849.8222 (Indy), 765.236.0313 (Kokomo), 317.806.7522 (Plainfield)
  15. Centerstone, Southern Indiana (Bloomington, Columbus, Greenwood), 800.344.8802
  16. Meridian Health Services, Muncie, 765.288.1928
  17. Families First, Indianapolis area (Marion, Boone, Hancock, & Hendrick Counties), 317.634.9575
  18. The Willows Center, Brownsburg, 317.852.3690

Again, the list above is (1) in no particular order, (2) not exhaustive, (3) nor is it a recommendation of any of the locations by the firm. Rather, it is meant as a starting point for anyone seeking treatment. We at Banks & Brower will have specific conversations with our clients to recommend a treatment facility that best fits their needs. Give us a call 24/7/365 at 317.870.0019 or email us at


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