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Can I Trust the Reviews I Read on Lawyers?

In the world we all live in, we live and die by the internet — no doubt. When we need to buy things, where do we turn? Inevitably, the internet. Be it Amazon, Walmart, or Google, we are turning to things we see online for answers. The days of shopping in person are slowing dying like tape cassettes, CD’s, and telephones with chords. Part and parcel to this consumer process, often we are looking for…

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A Look at How Complaints are Filed Against Your Professional License

You’ve Received a Complaint against your Professional License:  Now what?   Are you a licensed professional?  Have you ever received a letter from the Office of the Indiana Attorney General regarding a professional complaint?  If you have, I’m sure you are desperately searching the internet for answers. We are glad you landed here. Regardless of the field, if your chosen profession requires licensure then you’re subject to certain statutory standards of care that you must…

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