Criminal Law

The Crime of Assisting a Criminal

An area of law that is frequently confused is the difference between the legal theory of accomplice liability and the crime of assisting a criminal. read more

What Constitutional Rights do I Waive by Pleading Guilty?

Obviously, when a defendant pleads guilty in a criminal case, they understand they are going to be waiving certain rights, even some constitutional protections/rights. Forread more

What is the Indiana Risk Assessment System or IRAS?

When people are being sentenced to a state crime in Indiana to a Level 6 or higher, many times courts will order what is referredread more

What is the Difference Between Competency and Sanity?

An area of law that is often confused is the concept of competency to stand trial versus insanity.  While these two concepts are often related,read more

A question and answer perspective of a family member whose loved one is facing a sex crime and jail

I would like to share my story not because it is so unique, but because, I believe, it is all too common.  To set theread more

An Overview of Indiana’s Hands Free Driving Law

Often times while driving, it is tempting to pick up your phone to read or send a text message.  Starting now, people will have toread more

Reading and Understanding the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Whether it’s the complex rules of procedure, the nuanced statutory offenses, the detailed levels of crimes, and/or the harsh range of penalties as comparable toread more

What Could I Get Arrested For at a Protest?

In light of recent events, mass protests have sparked up across the nation still reeling from the COVID-19 Pandemic. The death of George Floyd hasread more

The Continued Evolution of the Insanity Defense in Indiana: A Look at the Most Recent Court Decisions

Whenever the insanity defense is asserted in Indiana, the Court will appoint mental health experts to complete an evaluation of the Defendant.  The ultimate purposeread more

Is Probation the Best Option for Me – the Answer isn’t Always Obvious:

Probation can be and often is a great option for people who have been convicted of a crime, especially if the prospect of jail orread more