Criminal Law

Should I Hire an Expert Witness for my Criminal Case?

Should I Hire an Expert Witness for my Criminal Case? The most common form of evidence in criminal trials is lay witness testimony.  Typically, theread more

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Will Trump Be Charged?

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What is a Diversion?

Many people who have committed their first criminal offense find themselves eligible for a diversion. A diversion is an agreement between the State and aread more

Felony? Misdemeanor? Infraction? What Does It All Mean?

In the State of Indiana whenever someone is charged with an offense, they will fall into one of three categories: 1. Felony, 2. Misdemeanor, orread more

Depositions in Criminal Cases

Many people have heard of depositions, but it is surprising the number of times witnesses are unfamiliar with what they are, the purpose behind them,read more

Sentence Modification

Indiana Code 35-38-1-17, titled, “Reduction or Suspension of Sentence”, can be used to ask a Court to modify your sentence. This statute divides offenders intoread more

What is the Juvenile Delinquency Expungement Process in Indiana?

Many people believe that juvenile delinquency records are automatically sealed or expunged once an individual reaches the age of 18.  This is not the caseread more

Indiana’s Implied Consent Law & What Happens If I Refuse Breathalyzer in a DUI Stop?

A common misconception we hear from clients is that they believed they weren’t legally required to submit to an officer’s tests while being investigated forread more

What to Expect when Entering Home Detention in Marion County, IN

Many people prefer home detention/house arrest to jail, but then come to realize there is hardly any information regarding what to expect both online andread more