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When Can I Modify My Child Support?

Posted in On May 12, 2023

In paternity cases and dissolution of marriage cases involving unemancipated children, your court will likely order that one of the parents will have to pay child support to the other parent.  However, as with most child related issues, child support can be modified.  And so, when can that be accomplished? In Indiana, child support can only be modified in two circumstances.  One is when there has been a substantial change of circumstances that is continuing…

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Do I Need Preliminary Orders While My Divorce is Ongoing?

Posted in On March 23, 2023

When you file for a dissolution of marriage in Indiana, the Court will not grant the dissolution immediately.  At minimum, at least sixty days need to pass from the date the action is initiated to the date the Court is able to finalize the dissolution.  More often than not, the case will take longer than sixty days, sometimes lasting months or even longer than a year.  If you and your spouse are able to navigate…

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Can I Move If I Have Custody Of My Kids

A common question comes up during and after a custody case:  Am I allowed to move out of state if I have custody of my kids?  The answer is, not surprisingly, it depends.  In Indiana, relocating when there is an ongoing custody case or following a custody case is governed by the state statutes. In the last few years, the Indiana legislature has updated the law to make the requirements on a relocating parent less…

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Custody: How Does a Court Decide

In Indiana, when parents are in a custody dispute, the Court has to make a decision that will impact their children and each of the parents’ relationship with their children.  Specifically, the Court will issue an order that will cover the custody of the children.  That order will include a ruling as it relates to legal custody and physical custody. When the Court talks about legal custody, the Court is talking about decision making on…

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How the Federal Respect for Marriage Act Affects Hoosier Families

Since the groundbreaking civil rights victory in Obergefell codified same-sex marriage in 2015, same-sex couples across America have utilized the legal protection to build their lives and their families. However, there have been some recent insinuations from the Supreme Court that the legal principle of substantive due process may be getting a new, conservative-leaning interpretation. Substantive due process not only is one of the key building blocks that fortifies same-sex marriage but also interracial marriage….

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How Can My Criminal Case Affect My Custody Case?

Indiana is a no-fault state, meaning that you can get a divorce in the state without the necessity of proving there was fault by either spouse.  That being said, when you’re dealing with custody of children, whether that be as part of a dissolution of marriage, post-dissolution of marriage, or in a paternity proceeding, various factors that would not be relevant for a divorce can be relevant in the Court’s determination of which parent should…

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Professionals in a Family Law Case

In a family law case in Indiana – many different types of professionals can be involved with your family.  Below, we will attempt to identify the types of professionals, what they do, what you can expect, and how they impact your case. Guardian ad litem A guardian ad litem in a custody case is typically a lawyer appointed by the Court that is tasked with gathering facts and representing a child’s best interest to the…

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Posted in On July 13, 2022

The ability to travel outside of the United States with your child is dictated by a number of factors.  First and foremost, you should determine if there is a court order that covers the topic.  In many instances Divorce Decrees, Paternity Decrees or subsequent orders of the Court address the parent’s ability to travel outside of the country and sometimes out of the state.  In this article, we will discuss several scenarios and options for…

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