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Modification of Custody and Parenting in Indiana – Considerations and Requirements

Posted in On May 6, 2024

Parents and families may be curious as to how and when a modification in custody and parenting time would be granted. Family courts take careful consideration when deciding whether to modify custody and parenting time in order to avoid disrupting the child’s stability. However, a child’s and family’s needs may evolve over time and thus, a modification in custody or parenting time may be needed to better suit the needs of the child. In doing…

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What is Paternity and How Can It Be Established?

Posted in On March 13, 2024

In determining the rights and responsibilities both parents have towards a child, establishing paternity may simplify the process. In Indiana, paternity provides a child born outside of marriage a legal father. Establishing paternity outlines a father’s legal rights and responsibilities towards a child. Additionally, establishing paternity can aid in issues revolving around child custody, parenting time, and child support. Resolving paternity issues may allow a child the rightful ability to bond with both parents. How…

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What is mediation and why should I use it for my divorce?

Many divorcing spouses ask what mediation is and why it would be beneficial in their divorce case.  In this article, we will go over those questions and others to look at some of the advantages mediation has over other methods of finalizing a divorce case  Mediation is considered an alternative dispute resolution.  Instead of going to court and having a judge decide all of the terms of a divorce, spouses may be able to resolve…

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How do the holiday’s affect parenting time with my child?

As the holiday season approaches, many parents and families may be wondering how parenting time will be affected by the holiday season. You may have an order issued by the court which states how holidays are to be divided. However, in many cases, Courts may adopt the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines to determine holiday parenting time. In order to help establish an equal and balanced schedule, Indiana has outlined special guidance for holiday parenting time….

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Do I Have to Go to Court to Get Divorced?

Going to court can be an uncomfortable and intimidating experience for many people.  Not only have most people who are going through a divorce never been in a courtroom in their life, but being in a formal setting being questioned by another attorney and having a judge make a ruling that will impact divorce spouse’s children and finances can make for an uneasy situation. Luckily, there are options available to help avoid divorcing spouses from…

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Can I Get Grandparent Visitation with My Grandkids?

Parents in divorce cases or in a paternity case generally will receive an order from the court that outlines what their parenting time (commonly known as visitation) with their children will be.  But what about grandparents?  Are grandparents entitled to seek a court order to permit them to receive a visitation schedule with their grandchildren?  What Situations Enable a Grandparent to Seek Visitation? In Indiana, grandparents are permitted to seek visitation rights in three separate…

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What Is Summer Parenting Time and How Does It Work?

Posted in On July 6, 2023

As a parent, a difficult question is posed when the summer months roll around over how parents in separate households will schedule summer parenting time.  Pursuant to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, summer vacation begins the day after school is let out for summer break and ends the day before the new school year is back in session. How is summer parenting time decided? Summer parenting time is dictated by your Court Order.  Oftentimes, but…

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When Can I Modify My Child Support?

Posted in On May 12, 2023

In paternity cases and dissolution of marriage cases involving unemancipated children, your court will likely order that one of the parents will have to pay child support to the other parent.  However, as with most child related issues, child support can be modified.  And so, when can that be accomplished? In Indiana, child support can only be modified in two circumstances.  One is when there has been a substantial change of circumstances that is continuing…

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