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Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Causing Endangerment

Most people realize that when you drive while intoxicated with a BAC over a .08 in Indiana you can be charged with Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated as a Class C misdemeanor. Many also realize you can face a Class A misdemeanor for submitting a blood result over .15. Further still, many know that if you have priors or if the facts are particularly bad (minors involved, injuries, etc.) you can easily get into the…

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Second Crack at an Infraction or Ordinance Violation

Many people who receive traffic infractions or ordinance violations find that they don’t have much of an opportunity to actually contest them. Most of the time, the cost of an attorney is significantly higher than just paying a ticket, so drivers will pay the ticket and move on, even if they don’t agree with the ticket. In traffic cases, you have a short window within which to pay the ticket or face a license suspension….

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Negotiating CDL Tickets vs. Masking Serious CDL Convictions

The Debate over “Masking” Serious CDL Convictions As every single CDL driver knows, without a license to drive, you can’t make money. That’s obvious, right? What every CDL driver doesn’t realize, however, is that many states issue infractions that could easily lead to you losing your license. In fact, as we have discussed in a previous blog, if you get two serious infractions in three years, you lose your license for 60 days — if…

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