October 3, 2019

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Metabolites can Constitute Posession

While some states have begun to legalize marijuana (specifically, Michigan and Illinois) it remains illegal in Indiana. Even after the consumption or use of the said substance, one can still be charged with possession. Meaning that a substance may have been legally used in one state, it still can be criminally charged as a possession and or usage with only containing/maintaining the substance within your bodily system. Typically, there are two situations where this issue…

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Fighting Against In-Custody Witnesses, Flipping Co-Defendants, and Jailhouse Snitches

There are two broad types of evidence that judges and juries may consider at trial.  Physical evidence, or exhibits, are typically things that the factfinder can hold, see, and touch.  The other broad category of evidence is witness testimony.  The amount of weight put on either physical evidence or testimony is solely up to either the judge or jury during deliberations.  Sometimes, there is no physical evidence to consider, and the case is exclusively built…

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