Indiana Sex Registry: Do I Have to Register for 10 Years or Life

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Indiana Sex Registry: Do I Have to Register for 10 Years or Life

As complicated as the Indiana Sex Registry statutes are, we thought it made sense to simplify all the statutes, exceptions, and nuanced factors into simple, easy to understand charts. Below are the two charts simplifying the process.

The first chart lists all the Indiana Sex Registry crimes and whether they are 10-year or lifetime registries:

  • D = Defendant
  • AV = Alleged Victim
  • P/G = Parent/Guardian
  • SVO = Serious Violent Offender


The second chart below is a flow chart making it easy to tell whether or not a particular sex offense should qualify as a 10-year or lifetime registerable offense:

  • VSG = Vicarious Sexual Gratification
  • SVP = Serious Violent Predator
  • SVO = Serious Violent Offender

It is not entirely uncommon for Courts, prosecutors, and judicial officers to misstate the length of registry on any particular offense. While a Court, a plea agreement, or an order may state the registry is a particular length, the Department of Corrections trumps. If they determine that the registry is longer than contemplated in a plea or ordered by a Court, they may order a registration longer than originally contemplated. That is why it is essential that the defense attorney and client have a detailed conversation about what the registration requirements are, how long the registration period may be, and err on the side of assuming a longer registration period on close calls. Use the above guides as just that — guides. Nothing replaces the advice of your own lawyer.

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