Child Inclusive Mediation

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Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) is a process that adopts a co-mediation approach utilizing both a specially trained Mediator and a Child Consultant during a family’s separation.

This process helps separating parents focus on the best interests of their children by giving them the opportunity to have their views heard about the changes in their family in a safe and confidential environment without the fear of upsetting either parent.

The Child Consultant is trained to ensure children feel they are in a safe space while encouraging children to share their genuine feelings and experiences which are then conveyed to the parents and their Mediator in a supportive and non-judgmental way. The children’s messages help parents make informed, cooperative decisions that create better outcomes for the family.

Benefits of using Child Inclusive Mediation

  1. Children feel supported and heard during their family’s separation
  2. Lessens the damage to the child by decreasing conflict
  3. Provides each parent the opportunity to view the other parent through their child’s eyes
  4. Studies show CIM practices are liked and are perceived as helpful by parents and mediators.
  5. Child-informed mediations result in mediation agreements that are judged as being more likely than non-child informed mediation agreements to facilitate positive child adjustment to divorce
  6. Cost reducing
  7. Faster than litigation, GAL, Custody Evaluation
  8. Confidential
  9. Leaves power in the hands of the parents
  10. Maintains the child’s and parents’ dignity
  11. Research consistently demonstrates increased risk of negative outcomes for children who experience parental conflict
  12. CIM motivates parents by reducing the risk of their children experiencing negative side effects of the divorce across emotional, behavioral, social, psychological, health, and academic domains

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