Indiana’s New Automatic Expungement Law

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Posted in On June 16, 2023

Traditionally, under Indiana Law, even though your case was dismissed or you were acquitted at trial, you still need to petition the court for expungement to clear that case from your record. However, the Indiana Legislature recently enacted new law that provides for automatic expungement of certain records.

If your case was filed after June 30, 2022, and did not result in a conviction for any reason, you are entitled to expungement 60 days after the date the case was closed. This applies to you whether your case was dismissed, dismissed as a result of a diversion, or if you were acquitted at trial. Indiana Code 35-38-9-1 requires the Court to expunge the record automatically.

One caveat is that since this is a new law, some Courts may not be in the habit of doing this or may not do it automatically. If you feel your case qualifies for this automatic expungement, give us a call and we can help you out!

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