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Indianapolis Divorce Lawyer Blog: Collaborative Law in Indiana

Collaborative Law: An Alternative to Litigation A trial that puts your personal life on display is not the only option for dissolving your marriage.   Inread more

Can Police Take My Guns Away?

A Look at Indiana’s Jake Laird Law – Returning of Firearms in a Criminal Case Despite an individual’s constitutionally protected right to keep and bearread more

Interstate Agreement on Detainers

A Look at the law of Interstate Agreement on Detainers Many times defendants will mail our firm letter from jail seeking assistance with their criminalread more

Avoiding Arrest at the Indy 500

How to Avoid Arrest at the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 The Indianapolis 500 is one of the greatest sporting events in the worldread more

Using Police to Enforce Parenting Time in Indiana

Should the Police Get Involved in Enforcing Your Parenting Time? It is your scheduled parenting time and your ex refuses to give up your childread more

Driving Without Insurance in Indiana

Suspended for driving without insurance?  We receive calls daily from citizens who have received notices from the BMV informing them that their driving privileges areread more

The Sex Crime Stigma for the Wrongfully Accused

Wrongfully Accused of a Sex Crime in Indiana? Obviously, a blog like this can be difficult to write and read. That’s because there are hundredsread more

A Look at Calculating Child Support in Indiana

How is Child Support Calculated and What Can I Expect? How is child support calculated?  The amount of child support that is paid by oneread more

A Look at Interrogation and Having a Lawyer

Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Blog:  A Look at Police Interrogation and Why it Makes Sense to Exercise Your Right to an Attorney It is aread more

Refusing a Breath Test in a DUI

A Quick Look at the Consequences of Refusing a Chemical Test in Indiana: A substantial number of our clients who have been charged with aread more