August 2013

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The Common Arrests at Klipsch Music Center

Arrested at Klipsch Music Center? Now what? We’ve all been there — yes, all of us — behaving a bit too rowdy at Klipsch Music center with a group of our friends. Be it at a Dave Matthews, Tim McGraw, Black Sabbath, or, if it tickles your fancy, Yanni (is he still around?) concert, we often find ourselves enjoying the experience to the extreme. After all, isn’t it fun to sit and listen to your…

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Understanding Attorney Fees

It’s probably the most common question any private lawyer serving personal clients gets, “how much are your fees.”  This common question has an answer that is very much dependent on your unique legal situation.  No two legal cases are the same.  How your case will proceed and how the opposing side will respond is going to be different in every case and may drastically affect the costs of your case.  In today’s blog we look…

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Death Without a Will & Indiana’s Intestate Succession Laws

Dying Without a Will & the Invocation of Indiana’s Intestacy Laws Discussing death, wills, trusts, and probate issues are some of the most difficult and awkward conversations we have with clients in our office. After all, who wants to discuss things that happen to us at the end of our lives? We are all going to live forever, right? Wrong, obviously (unless you are a vampire — and you might have other issues if that’s…

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Expunging Your Indiana Convictions

Erasing a Criminal Conviction or Arrest Under Indiana’s Second Chance Law This Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys at Banks & Brower take a look at expunging your criminal history. Expunging a criminal conviction is essentially the equivalent to taking an eraser to the history of your conviction.  So, if you had youthful criminal conviction or a lapse in judgment that resulted in a DUI conviction, then you should consider taking advantage of the new law by…

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