April 2014

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Top 10 Questions From Someone that is Arrested

When we meet with clients after they have been arrested, they tend to be scared, nervous, uncertain and concerned about the future.  In this weeks blog we look at 10 of the most common questions we receive from those that are arrested. Q1.  Am I going to have to serve time in jail if I’m convicted? A:  It depends.  If your crime is a D felony or misdemeanor and you have never been in any…

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Indiana’s Sex and Violent Offender Registry and the Crimes that Require Registering

A Quick Look at Indiana’s Sex or Violent Offender Registry Requirements  Most criminal cases bring some sort of self-shame to a defendant’s life. Whether it is the requirement to check “yes” on a background application question on criminal history or being unable to own or possess a firearm from a felony, etc. — we all know criminal convictions have a huge impact on peoples’ lives. Moreover, obviously, some crimes have larger effects than others. And,…

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Banks & Brower announce they are hiring for position of Associate Attorney

Banks & Brower are accepting resumes for the position of Associate Attorney.  The ideal candidate will have experience in Criminal and Family Law.  Litigation experience is required.  All applications should be received no later than April 25th.  Pay will be commensurate with experience.  The position will have retirement benefits but no health insurance will be offered.

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A Look at Racketeering and Corrupt Business Influence

For this week’s blog we take a look at one of Indiana’s most comprehensive white collar crime charges.  Racketeering and the crime of Corrupt Business Influence govern much of the “white collar” crime in Indiana.  To understand this charge we must first start with the definition of racketeering. The legislature explained racketeering when it legislatively define what “pattern of racketeering activity” means.  Per Indiana code, “Pattern of racketeering activity” means engaging in at least two (2) incidents…

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My Child Was Arrested, Now What??!?

My Son or Daughter Was Arrested, I Need Help…What Should I Do?!!?? One of the worst phone calls a parent can receive is a collect call from a jail and a familiar voice on the other line, saying, “Mom and Dad, I did something really stupid, and I got arrested last night.” While you first struggle to contain the rage you have boiling up inside at their poor decision-making skills, you are also quickly overcome…

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