November 2014

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The Crimes of Intimidation and Harassment

A Quick Look at Indiana’s Statutes on Intimidation, Harassment, and Stalking Before you post that nasty comment about someone on Facebook, or before cyber stalk…you might want to think about whether that communication or internet spying might cross the line. In this blog the Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys of Banks & Brower will focus on two of the most common communication-based criminal charges: intimidation and harassment,both of which seem to be filed more and more often, especially with the advent…

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A Look at Filing for Child Support Modification

Can I modify my child support order? If you’re a party to a child support order, you may wonder if that order can ever be modified.  The answer is yes—Indiana allows, under certain circumstances, for modification of a child support order.  If you are going through a divorce, a custody proceeding, or attempting to establish paternity it may be important to remember this.  You can see how child support is calculated in one of our…

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A Look at Federal Detention Hearings

What is a Federal Detention Hearing In state court many times a defendant will have a bond review hearing and the state court will decide what bond a person must post prior to being released.  It can be a cash or surety bond or a combination of both.  (see our previous blog on bonds).  In federal court, after a complaint has been filed, the US Attorney’s office may seek to have you detained until such…

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How to Get a Sentence Modification in Indiana

Sentence Modifications after the 2014 Indiana Criminal Code Overhaul  – In this blog the Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys at Banks & Brower look at sentence modifications. A sentence modification is a mechanism by which a person convicted of a crime can seek to have the length or placement of the sentence changed after some portion of his or her sentence has been completed.  For example, a person may seek to have a few years trimmed…

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