December 2014

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A Quick and Concise Outline of the CHINS Process in Indiana

A Quick Look at CHINS Cases: One of the scariest and most overwhelming things a parent can experience is when the State of Indiana decides to file a CHINS (Child In Need of Services) petition against them. The reason it can be so overwhelming is once the Court interjects themselves into the nuclear family through a CHINS petition, they effectively take complete control over all parenting decisions and all children in the family. When it happens, parents can…

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A Look at the Crime of Official Misconduct

Anytime a person in public office, whether it be an elected official or a police officer, commits a crime, it is likely to make news.  What you may not know, is that not only will this public official have the added pressure of media attention, but they may also have a felony charge created just for people in these positions of trust.  Indiana has a crime called official misconduct. In this blog the Indianapolis Criminal…

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Indiana's New Specialized Driving Privilege

Specialized Driving Privileges:  Indiana’s New Hardship License -. Have you been patiently (or impatiently!!!) sitting by the sidelines unable to drive for what seems like forever? Or, have you been driving when you aren’t supposed to, constantly checking your rear-view mirror for police officers? Well it appears there may be good news on the horizon. In fact, you may finally be able to get your license back — not only if you thought you would never…

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A Look at How Parole Works in Indiana

Parole is similar to probation in many ways, but there are important distinctions that are important for persons facing time in the Indiana Department of Correction to understand.  In many cases parole will follow completion of one’s executed sentence.  An executed sentence may be any number of years served in prison, but the number of years one actually serves may be reduced due to various types of credit time and time cuts that are available. …

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