April 2015

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Common Mistakes Divorced and Divorcing Parents Make

Posted in On April 26, 2015

Mistakes to Avoid for Divorced Parents The divorce process is obviously very difficult emotionally for the parties involved; however, what divorced or divorcing parents must keep in mind is that a divorce can be even more difficult for their children.  You and your ex-spouse need to put your differences aside to help promote the welfare of your children as their interests are of paramount importance.  The following are a few mistakes that many divorced parents…

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I Have a Warrant Out For My Arrest In Indiana, Now What Do I Do?

Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Blog:  I Have an Arrest Warrant in Indiana What Do I Do?             If you are facing the prospect of an arrest warrant issued for you or you already know that you have an arrest warrant issued for you in Indiana, it can be a very scary and stressful situation.  We have all seen movies or TV shows where the police officers come breaking down doors to go after someone for…

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Indiana Name Changes and the Process to do so

Posted in On April 12, 2015

Indiana Name Change:  A Quick Look at the Process to Legally Change your Name  – Thinking about changing your name?  There are a couple of ways to change your name in the State of Indiana.  First, is through marriage and second, is through petitioning the court.  Changing your name through marriage is the easiest way, as it only requires an application through the Social Security Administration , proof of U.S. citizenship, proof of identity, and…

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A Look at Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct in Indiana

What if I think the police or prosecutor engaged in misconduct in my criminal case?  – Many people call our office with complaints about how either the police or prosecutor handled or are handling their criminal cases.  While sometimes certain actions or inactions by police or prosecutors may not seem “right” to criminal defendants or their attorneys, there is often nothing improper occurring, constitutionally or otherwise.  However, on occasion, the police or prosecutor can make…

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