November 2015

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A Look at Modifying Spousal Maintenance in Indiana

Is Spousal Maintenance Modifiable, and if so, How is that Accomplished On March 8, 2015, we wrote a blog titled, “A Look at Spousal Maintenance in Indiana,” whereby we explained the different circumstances in which a party to a divorce can be ordered to pay spousal maintenance.  In Indiana, the circumstances for such an award are very limited.  As a quick refresher, the following are the only circumstances under Indiana law where spousal maintenance can…

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Using Discovery and Investigation to Defend a Criminal Case

Using Discovery and Investigation to Defend the Criminal Case You have been charged with a crime and are considering whether to hire an attorney.  One of the things you are probably interested in is what kind of things an attorney can do to help you in defending your case.  This blog by the Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys at Banks & Brower takes a look at some of the discovery methods and investigation ideas that an…

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A Look at the Crimes of Public Indecency

A Look at Public Indecency Laws in Indiana Clothing and fashion don’t serve only to impress and to keep us warm – they also keep us from being charged with crimes in Indiana for showing others what they probably don’t want to see.  Few of us will be surprised that Indiana prohibits the display of certain body parts in public, and even on private property but with the intent to be seen by the public. …

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In Town Lawyer vs. Out of Town Attorney

Hiring an In-Town Lawyer vs. an Out of Town Attorney To hire an in town attorney, or out of town attorney? That is the question. I think Shakespeare asked that in Hamlet….or, something like that. All joking aside, we at Banks & Brower, LLC, are constantly asked this question when people call in looking for advice on who to hire. “Should I hire an out of county attorney, or should I hire an attorney on…

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