December 2015

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Is My Business a Marital Asset in a Divorce?

Is My Business in Jeopardy if I get a Divorce? If you own a business and are thinking about going through a divorce, you might be asking yourself, is your business considered an asset that can be divided by the court?  In short, the simple answer is that it depends.  In determining whether your business is an asset, or to the extent which it’s considered an asset, the court will look at the business’s “goodwill.” …

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding DUI Arrests

INDIANAPOLIS CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY BLOG:  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT DUI/DRUNK DRIVING ARRESTS IN INDIANA INDIANAPOLIS CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS AT BANKS & BROWER LOOK AT FAQ’S FOR DRUNK DRIVING ARRESTS Are sobriety check points legal?  Yes, several times throughout Indiana law enforcement officers setup sobriety check points.  As long as they are properly advertised and delineated with signage, they have been found to be legal. Can’t I just turn on a different road and avoid the…

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A Look at Indiana's Insurance Requirements for You and Your Automobile

Indiana’s Insurance Requirements For Drivers and the Possible Consequences of a Lapse We receive multiple calls a week from people dealing with issues related to automobile insurance. Generally the problem is an insurance suspension because of a failure to provide proof of insurance after a traffic stop or collision. Despite this being a common situation, many people are unfamiliar with exactly what is required with respect to their insurance or what types of situations will require…

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Expungements and How They Effect Gun Rights in Indiana

Expungements and Their Effect on Applying for a Concealed Carry Permit in Indiana In preparation for filing for a concealed carry permit, there are many areas that people need to make sure to button up prior to filing, like converting felonies to misdemeanors, petition for restoration of gun rights when there is a court order precluding it, expungements, gathering certified convictions, etc. This blog is going to focus on one of these areas, and more…

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