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A Look at College Expenses in a Divorce

Important Tips to Know for Requesting Contribution for College Expenses in Indiana In addition to a normal child support order, one or more parties may request that the court order them to contribute to the postsecondary educational expenses for a child.  Whenever there are divorced parties or parties to a paternity action with one or more minor children, the court will always issue a child support order based upon a calculation using the parties’ gross…

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Charged With Possession of Handgun in an Airport, A Look at the Law and What to Expect

Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Blog:  Possession of a Handgun in an Airport When reading the title to this blog, one was probably thinking to himself, “a gun in an airport, who’d be crazy enough to do that?”  Well, you would be surprised.  As more and more people begin carrying firearms for personal protection, more and more often, usually due to a bout of forgetfulness, people are being arrested for possession of a firearm in the…

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A Look at What it Means to be a Habitual Traffic Violator in Indiana

A Quick and Concise Look at the Laws Governing  Indiana’s Habitual Traffic Violator Statute Indiana’s habitual traffic violator laws can be very confusing and difficult to understand for someone who isn’t well-versed in traffic law. The Indiana legislature has recently passed new laws updating the ways to become a habitual traffic violator and the types of possible penalties and license suspensions. If you have been labeled a habitual traffic violator and would like to get…

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A Look at the Laws Governing Mopeds and Scooters

Indianapolis Traffic Attorney Blog: Laws Governing Mopeds and Scooters (Motor Driven Cycles) Have you lost your license and elected to utilize a moped or scooter for transportation?  Indiana, which refers to such vehicles as Motor Driven Cycles (or MDCs), has new requirements for operators of these vehicles.  Riders are now required to register these vehicles, and one class of MDC requires proof of insurance.  Riders must also maintain some government-issued identification specific to the class…

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Violating a Protective Order & No Contact Order

Invasion of Privacy – Violating a Protective and/or a No Contact Order Many people wrongfully believe that if someone has filed a Protective Order against them, the only penalty for having violated it is that the police come to your house, yell at you, and tell you to stop doing it. What many people don’t realize, however, is that violating the terms of a Protective Order or No Contact Order oftentimes leads to criminal charges…

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What Happens After My Divorce is Finalized?

Posted in On August 2, 2015

Indianapolis Divorce Attorney Blog: My Divorce is Finalized, What Happens Next? In most cases, once your divorce is finalized, there are still several loose ends to tie up.  Whether you and your ex-spouse reached an agreement or you had a judge decide your case, divorce decrees often times impose obligations upon one or both parties that have to be satisfied on a post-divorce basis. If a party fails to satisfy one of those obligations, the…

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When Drug Addiction Leads to Crime, Drug Treatment Court May be the Answer

All too often drug addiction leads to criminal charges.  Most often charges involve the drugs themselves.  Possession of the drug is many times the first crime an addict will be charged with.  However, other charges may also come into play.  For example, drug addicts are many times struggling financially and therefore, theft is also a very common charge for drug addicts.  Other common charges are public intoxication, driving under the influence, obtaining drugs by fraud,…

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What is a Serious Violent Felon in Indiana?

What is a Serious Violent Felon, and What Does it Mean? Being convicted of a felony carries countless consequences for people, regardless of whether or not they actually spend any time in prison.  Aside from the stigma of being labeled a felon, these individuals also lose certain rights and freedoms that the rest of us may take for granted. One of those rights lost is the ability to possess a firearm, and a violation of…

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