September 2015

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Winning a Criminal Jury Trial

It is the foundation of the American criminal justice system.  The jury trial.  You have been accused of a crime and believe you are innocent, it is the ultimate determiner of the facts.  No one can guarantee an outcome in a jury.  If they could, they would be the only attorney ever hired.  However, there are a number of different parts of being ready for a jury that help position a case for its highest…

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A Look at the Crime of Escape in Indiana

What Happens if I Flee from Work Release, Home Detention, or a Jail or Prison? In this blog Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys at Banks & Brower take a look at the offenses of escape and failure to return to lawful detention.  These offenses are most commonly charged against those serving community corrections sentences, whether in a work release facility or on home detention.  Generally, it is easier to “escape” in one of these scenarios than…

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Petitioning a Court for Restoration of Your Rights to Firearms

So, you’ve been denied a concealed carry permit and/or you’ve been deprived of the ability to purchase a firearm by the federal government. Inevitably, you are frustrated, which is what lead you to this blog and others we have written, such as our other relevant blogs discussing the appeals process for the state and the appeals process for the federal government. Unfortunately, even when you think you do understand the process (or as much as…

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A Look at College Expenses in a Divorce

Important Tips to Know for Requesting Contribution for College Expenses in Indiana In addition to a normal child support order, one or more parties may request that the court order them to contribute to the postsecondary educational expenses for a child.  Whenever there are divorced parties or parties to a paternity action with one or more minor children, the court will always issue a child support order based upon a calculation using the parties’ gross…

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