January 2016

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Operating a Vehicle with a Metabolite in Your System

DUI’s In Indiana Involving Things Other Than Alcohol Almost every single person alive has heard that you can be charged with Driving Under the Influence, Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated, and/or Operating While Intoxicated when you are intoxicated by alcohol. But, did you know you can be found guilty of Operating a Vehicle with a Metabolite in your system?  For being intoxicated by the metabolite and for just having it in your system without intoxication?!?! And,…

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Enforcing a Marital Agreement in Indiana

Can I Dispute the Enforceability of my Marital Agreement after a Divorce? Often times, parties sign premarital agreements prior to getting married as a way to protect their respective assets in the case of a divorce or death. On the flip-side, many people enter into marital settlement agreements as a way to finalize their divorce. Whether you entered into one or both of these types of agreements, you may be thinking to yourself, can I…

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A Look at the Possible Penalties for Indiana Felonies

Once someone has been arrested they normally have a period of time where they experience shock and disbelief. This reaction quickly turns into an emotion of fearing the possible penalties for the allegations that have been made. In this blog we will run through the potential penalties for the various levels of crime. Penalties for Various Levels of Crime in Indiana With felonies, the legislature has issued a range that includes a recommended (known as…

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Your Right to Confront Your Accuser in a Criminal Case

Understanding Your Right to Face Your Accuser and to Confront Witnesses in Your Case You probably know that if you’re charged with a crime, you have many important rights such as the right to remain silent and the right to trial. You may be aware that you have the right to confront witnesses against you as well, but many people misunderstand that right and don’t know that this right isn’t always what it seems. The…

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The 5 Most Common Arrests on New Years

A New Years Resolution You Didn’t Expect It never fails…the first day of the New Year is always a busy day for our phones at the Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys of Banks & Brower, LLC. While many people are setting their sights on healthy New Year’s Goals like losing weight, being patient, drinking less often, being kinder…blah blah blah, inevitably, many others are testing their vices…drinking to access, partying to access, and engaging in behavior they…

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