February 2016

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A Look at Brady Disqualifications

With all of the mass shootings in and around the world, the news consistently raises the question of whether or not the alleged accomplice should or should not have had access to weapons prior to committing the crime. More often than not, many of the people that commit horrible crimes also have been limited access to weapons through a conviction and/or through a court order somewhere in their past — yet, sometimes that isn’t the…

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Mediation in Family Law Cases as an Alternative

Mediation as an Alternative to Litigation Appearing in front of a judge to discuss personal matters such as the deterioration of a marriage, assets, debts or children can cause a lot of emotional stress for most people.   There are several different types of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods in Indiana.   These alternative ways to resolve matters can allow parties to resolve matters outside of the traditional courtroom. Mediation is the most commonly used method of Alternative…

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Looking at Making A Murderer and the Steven Avery Case

                  Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Blog:  Making A Murderer a Look at the Case from a Former Deputy Prosecutor Turned Defense Attorney   Today our blog takes a look at the hugely popular Making a Murderer documentary film that has become a huge hit on Netflix.  This blog is being written by Banks & Brower part-owner Brad Banks.  Brad Banks spent nearly 10 years as a deputy…

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A Look at the Burdens of Proof in Indiana

What are the different legal standards in Indiana and when do they apply? You probably know that to be convicted of a crime, the State must prove you guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  One question we get frequently, however, is what exactly “beyond a reasonable doubt” means.  It is difficult to answer that question in a specific manner, but looking at some of the other standards of evidence in relation to reasonable doubt can help…

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