March 2016

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A Look at Indiana Code 260 IAC 2-1 – Breath Test Machines

Indiana Administrative Code 260 IAC 2-1 – Breath Test Operators & Instruments Everyone on earth, it seems, has heard of a “breathalyzer” test in every single run of the mill Driving Under the Influence (hereafter “DUI”) and/or Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (hereinafter “OVWI”) case. But, did you know there is an entire administrative code section drafted by the Indiana legislature to address how breathalyzers are to be certified, who can administer them, and how…

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HTV Now What?

Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Blog: I’m HTV How Can I Drive Again? So you have gotten a few bad convictions on your record or several tickets a one really bad driving conviction and the BMV has just notified you that you are now a habitual traffic violator and you have a VERY long license suspension. Now what? Public transportation is not exactly reliable in Indiana. So what are the options? A Review of Your Driving…

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A Look at Community Corrections and Crimes that Qualify for Direct Placement

A Quick Look at the Impact of Being Non-Suspendible and the Community Corrections Option: Being charged with a crime is undoubtedly a frightening situation for many reasons. The most terrifying of which has to be the possibility of time behind bars.  When someone is charged with a crime, whether it be a misdemeanor or a felony, there is always the risk that they may spend some time incarcerated. The more serious the charges, the more…

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