July 2016

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Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Blog: Single Larceny Rule and Double Jeopardy

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New Indiana Criminal Laws 2016

Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Blog |  A Look at the New 2016 Criminal Law        Every year in July, our legislature enacts new Indiana criminal laws.  In today’s blog we take a look at the new criminal law statutes that were enacted July 1, 2016. Child Exploitation/Child Pornography/Adult Entertainment SEA 14 Effective: March 21, 2016 (Section 2); July 1, 2016 (Section 1, 3-20) Code Citations: 4-13-2; 7.1-3-23; 10-13-3; 11-8-8; 20-28-5; 22-5-5; 31-14-14; 33-37-5; 33-39-1; 35-36-10;…

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What is Trial De Novo?

If you have ever received a ticket for a traffic or ordinance violation, or even charged with a misdemeanor which was handled in a city or town court, it is possible to have that case reheard in one of the county circuit or superior courts.  The legal mechanism that allows this is called a request for trial de novo.  The rules for requesting a trial de novo differ slightly depending on whether the judgment was…

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Indianapolis Divorce Attorney Blog: The Start of School and Your Divorce

Posted in On July 11, 2016

The Start of School and How it Affects Your Divorce It is hard to believe it is already time to start planning for the upcoming school year. Many districts throughout the state are operating on a balanced calendar and school will be starting up very soon. If you have children and are no longer with the other parent, chances are you are following some version of a court order with a parenting time plan and…

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