September 2016

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Indianapolis Expungement Lawyer: The Most Common Questions asked on Expungements

Can I Get My Criminal History Expunged and Sealed? Since 2013, the Indiana State Legislature has passed laws providing a means by which individuals can seek to expunge and seal their conviction or arrest records under a certain set of guidelines. Whether an individual’s records will be expunged or not largely depends upon the specific facts and circumstances of the crime. What types of crimes can be expunged? The best way to answer this broad…

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Conditions of Probation in Indianapolis

A Look at Typical Conditions of Probation Almost every single criminal case involves some type of probation – and, with jail overcrowding and movement towards Evidence-based sentencing, probation is a very popular option for the courts. While most people think they know the basics of probation, our firm phone rings off the hook with defendant’s on the other end complaining they didn’t fully understand the conditions of their probation. While most of those defendants were…

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Illegal Search and Seizure

The Two Most Common Reasons Evidence Get Suppressed It is very common that clients come into our office thinking that the police did something wrong and that we should be able to get them out of trouble.  It is one of the most important parts of our job.  We must review every case carefully to see if the law enforcement did something improper that could give cause for a motion to suppress that could possibly…

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Indianapolis Divorce Attorney Blog: What Makes Up a Marital Pot?

The Marital Pot: Division of Marital Assets and Debts You owned a house before getting married, your husband’s name is the only name on both of your vehicles and your grandma passed away a few years ago leaving you an inheritance – what does all of this mean when you divorce? These are all common scenarios that divorce attorneys navigate every day. In short, Indiana lumps all of your property together into one “marital pot”….

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Habitual Traffic Violator for Life in Indiana

Suspended for life? It’s possible to get your life back. Can you imagine never driving again for the rest of your life? This devastating thought is a reality for many who have been told by a judge and/or the BMV that their driving privileges have been suspended for life. Fortunately, relief exists. Indiana Code 9-30-10-14.1 sets forth the ability to rescind a lifetime suspension of driving privileges. However, this privilege does not apply to anyone…

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