November 2016

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3 Ways Criminal Cases Get Filed in Indiana

Most people assume that in order for a criminal case to be brought against you, you must be arrested first. What most people don’t realize is that a criminal case can be brought against you one of three different ways. This blog will discuss each option. In a nutshell, regardless of how you end up in court under the three options below, once you are in court, criminal cases all follow the same procedure —…

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Indianapolis Divorce Attorney Blog: How Divide Up Marital Assets and Debts

Dividing Up the Marital Pot: Debts & Assets Determining how to divide assets and debts is an important and necessary part of the divorce process.   The marital residence is part of the “marital pot” to be divided.  Sometimes it is an asset while other times there is debt associated with the home that should be divided.  See our blog What Makes Up a Marital Pot? for more on how Indiana views the division of assets….

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Possible Penalties for Criminal Charge in Indiana

Below is a chart to help understand the possible penalties that can come with being charged with a crime in Indiana.  The chart has been organized from most serious to least serious levels of crime.  Murder is in its own category because it carries a higher penalty than any other type of crime.  The chart shows the minimum and maximum sentences.  The advisory sentence is the sentence that the legislature has recommended to the judges…

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Indianapolis Traffic Attorney Blog: A Look at Indiana's BMV Point System

Understanding the BMV’s Point System Nearly everyone who has driven an automobile has been pulled over by a police officer at some point for one reason or another and many know that if that officer gives them a ticket then their license is exposed to a certain number of points.  Most also know that having points on your license isn’t good.  However, what many don’t know is what those points actually mean and what may…

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