February 2017

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Refusing a DUI Chemical Test in Indiana

Posted in On February 19, 2017

Refusing a Chemical Test During a DUI Investigation: The Supreme Court’s Recent Ruling: A look at the Supreme Court’s most recent ruling on what counts as “refusing” a chemical test.  If you ever find yourself in a position where a police officer suspects that you are intoxicated and is asking if you will submit to a chemical test, your actions are just as important, if not more, than your words when it comes to determining…

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Grand Jury Investigations in Indiana

Are you or someone you know undergoing a potential grand jury proceeding or facing an indictment? Need help understanding what it all means? This blog will go through the different terms and procedures that most often occur in the indictment and grand jury process. Grand juries are very laid back as compared to typical pre-trial court settings. Most times there is not a judge or defense attorney present and it is just the prosecutor and…

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10-year Habitual Traffic Violator Indiana

Without question, one of the most important things to anyone that works or lives a normal life is the ability to drive, to drive often, and to drive all over. And, this is made even more evident when someone has their license taken away — for any period of time. The inconvenience of nothing having a license is unparalleled. Many have characterized it as a jail-like sentence — relegating people to their homes, unable to…

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