March 2017

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Consecutive vs. Concurrent Sentencing

A quick look at consecutive versus concurrent sentencing Whenever somebody is convicted of multiple offenses – whether they arise out of the same incident or different cases – the determination needs to be made on whether the sentences will run concurrently or consecutive to one another.  If they run concurrent, the sentences will overlap and be served at the same time. Consecutive sentences, on the other hand, require one to finish before the other begins….

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Resolving Indiana Driver’s License Reinstatement Fees & Suspension Issues

License Reinstatement Fees and Other Common License Suspension Issues Do you have a laundry list of suspensions and unpaid tickets that you have neglected to take care of over the past 5, 10 or even 20 years due to more pressing issues going on in your life? Are you now ready to take care of your license and get it back to valid but don’t know where to start? Hiring an attorney who is experienced…

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Revocation of Bond Hearings: an Overview

A Quick Look at Bond Revocation Hearings Most people have heard of bond or bail — in fact, most people can name the different types of bond such as cash, surety, personal recognizance, etc. While a bond is an amazing thing–it is a mechanism to keep you out of custody while your case is pending–it can be a fragile thing. It is a tool that the courts and prosecutors use as leverage if and when they decide to…

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