April 2017

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Miranda and DUI Checkpoints

A quick look at the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in State of Indiana v. David Brown on whether Miranda warnings apply to DUI checkpoints. On March 2, 2017, the Indiana Supreme Court determined, as a matter other f first impression, that Miranda warnings are not required when a driver was detained at a sobriety checkpoint. This case stemmed from a 2013 incident where the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department established a checkpoint to apprehend and deter…

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Why and when you need SR-22 and SR-50 insurance in Indiana

Why you may need SR-22 or SR-50 insurance and the differences between them Although a common misunderstanding, an SR-22 is not actually a type of insurance premium but just a certificate showing proof of future financial responsibility. The certificate is just a document your insurance company sends to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles to prove that an individual has an insurance policy that will be able to pay for at least the minimum amount…

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Indiana Credit Time Calculator for Legal Sentencing

Understanding Credit Time in Criminal Cases Whenever someone is sentenced in a criminal case in Indiana, the Court takes great concern to appropriately and accurately apply any credit time the defendant is afforded when carrying out the formal sentencing. It is incredibly important because no one should ever serve more time for any offense above and beyond what the level of offense requires minus the time they have already served — otherwise, they can serve…

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Do You Qualify for the Safety Valve in Federal Drug Cases?

Federal Safety Valve in Drug Cases Have you or someone you know been charged with a federal offense with little or no criminal history that commit non-violent or non-managerial drug crimes? The Safety Valve Provision of the United States Sentencing Commission (“USSC”) allows for certain cases to not require the statutory minimum required by the USSC. These cases include: The defendant who does not have more than one (1) criminal history point; The defendant did…

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Stepparent Child Adoption Overview

Posted in On April 2, 2017

A Quick Look at Stepparent Adoption Adoption is an instrumental process in the lives of many Indiana children and can give them the consistency needed for a well-balanced life.  An adoption requires a petition filed to the court containing information regarding the child sought to be adopted along with information of the petitioner seeking to adopt. So what happens when the petitioner is married to a biological parent of the child? With divorce at its…

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