November 2017

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Current Marijuana Laws in Indiana

While many states have started legalizing marijuana to different degrees, Indiana still punishes all forms of possession or dealing marijuana as a criminal violation.  The legislature has lessened the penalties over the year, but it still remains a crime to possess or deal in marijuana. So, for today’s blog we take a look at the laws that are currently in effect in Indiana regarding marijuana.  We will start by taking a look at Indiana Code…

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An Affidavit for Probable Cause in a DUI

Posted in On November 12, 2017

A Quick Guide to Reading and Understanding an Affidavit for Probable Cause in a DUI Being pulled over by a police officer for any reason is a stressful event. However, multiply that anxiety by 10 if you are being pulled over when you know you are operating a vehicle while over the legal limit and facing a DUI. If you have faced that situation, you inevitably have been subject to criminal prosecution. We have written…

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