June 2018

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Lifetime Sex Registry in Indiana

A Quick Guide to Lifetime Sex Registry in Indiana When you are facing a sex crime allegation, the stakes are incredibly high. Be it from a risk of significant time in jail, to high fines, to the sex registry, to the social stigma of the conviction, sex crimes are often thought of as the one of, if the not the most significant, charges you can face. As such, without question, the sex registry is one of…

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Charging Parents in Mass Shootings

Charging Parents with a Crime when Kids use their Parents’ Guns Unlawfully Recently, there have been shootings by minors in public areas such as schools. Because one has to be eighteen and have a permit to carry a gun, some of these minors possess firearms from their parents. One of the questions surrounding this issue is what can parents be charged with if their child possesses and uses their firearm to commit a crime, without…

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Can I Get My Engagement Ring Back?

Posted in On June 3, 2018

Can I Get My Engagement Ring Back? The courtship and engagement periods are usually happy times for a couple as they build a relationship and look toward marriage.  However, happiness may fade, circumstances may change, the relationship may end, and the planned engagement may be canceled, repudiated, or frustrated, with no marriage occurring between the parties.  When such a situation arises, one party to the courtship or engagement may seek to recover gifts of money…

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