January 2021

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Federal Sentencing Zones & Placement Options

When determining possible, criminal sentencing ranges and placement options at the federal level, one only look so far as the federal sentencing guidelines and the federal sentencing table. See a blog on the guidelines and sentencing table here. Here is the table as well: While the sentencing table lays out the advisory sentencing ranges that judges look to in determining the total length of the sentence to be imposed based on the crime committed, one…

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Indiana No Contact Orders and Penalties for Violating Them

What is a No Contact Order? (Ind. Code 35-26-5 and 35-26-6) Courts can impose various forms of No Contact Orders, and they can even be a necessary condition of release on bail. No Contact Orders prevent one from (as the name suggests) contacting another individual, usually in the aftermath of a domestic dispute or other interpersonal conflict. (See Ind. Code 35-33-8-3.6). In the case of a domestic dispute, individuals often do not leave their home…

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Misdemeanor Resisting Law Enforcement in Indiana

There are two primary ways in which the state charges individuals with misdemeanor resisting law enforcement.  Typically, resisting law enforcement is thought of in the context of a fight or a struggle with police officers.  This is not always the case, as the state can also file resisting law enforcement for fleeing, or running away from the police, after the police have ordered the individual to stop. Misdemeanor resisting law enforcement cases often go to…

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