April 2022

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Second Crack at an Infraction or Ordinance Violation

Many people who receive traffic infractions or ordinance violations find that they don’t have much of an opportunity to actually contest them. Most of the time, the cost of an attorney is significantly higher than just paying a ticket, so drivers will pay the ticket and move on, even if they don’t agree with the ticket. In traffic cases, you have a short window within which to pay the ticket or face a license suspension….

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Can I Trust the Reviews I Read on Lawyers?

In the world we all live in, we live and die by the internet — no doubt. When we need to buy things, where do we turn? Inevitably, the internet. Be it Amazon, Walmart, or Google, we are turning to things we see online for answers. The days of shopping in person are slowing dying like tape cassettes, CD’s, and telephones with chords. Part and parcel to this consumer process, often we are looking for…

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