October 2022

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The Anatomy of a Jury Trial

Jury trials are often dramatized on television and in movies.  The plot of several popular TV shows revolves around the courtroom drama between prosecutors, witnesses, defense attorneys, and judges.  The accuracy of the portrayals of jury trials varies from show to show.  In a general sense, here is how “real life” jury trials unfold in Indiana. The first day of all jury trials start with jury selection, commonly referred to as voir dire.  Voir dire…

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The Victim Didn’t Want to Press Charges, So Why am I Charged?

Almost every single day our office receives calls from people charged with crimes involving victims on the other side. Just as often, the accused will say to us, “the victim doesn’t want me charged, but I got arrested and charged anyways, why?” Or, “the victim asked the prosecutor to dismiss the charges, but the prosecutor won’t, why?” The simple and straightforward answer is one that people don’t want to hear and often don’t understand. If…

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