January 2023

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When do the Police Need a Warrant?

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution appears to require law enforcement to obtain a warrant before searching your person or property. Of course, countless exceptions have been carved out of that requirement, and they can vary based on the specifics of a certain situation. If police searched your person or property without a warrant, you will want to contact an attorney at Banks and Brower to review your case and see if there’s…

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Custody: How Does a Court Decide

In Indiana, when parents are in a custody dispute, the Court has to make a decision that will impact their children and each of the parents’ relationship with their children.  Specifically, the Court will issue an order that will cover the custody of the children.  That order will include a ruling as it relates to legal custody and physical custody. When the Court talks about legal custody, the Court is talking about decision making on…

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