May 2023

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Who can file a Protection Order in Indiana? The Basics

Posted in On May 25, 2023

Indiana Code 34-26-5-2 outlines the requirements for obtaining a protective order, also known as a restraining order, in Indiana.  Protective orders are legal orders issued by a court to protect individuals who have experienced domestic or family violence against a: A parent, guardian, or another representative may file a petition for an order of protection on behalf of a child against a: To obtain a protective order under Indiana Code 34-26-5-2, the petitioner must file…

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Do I Want a Bench Trial or a Jury Trial?

In almost any civil or criminal case, you have the right to a trial. There are two types of trial: bench and jury. This is a major decision that can make the difference between winning and losing a case. In a bench trial, the Judge evaluates the evidence and determines which party wins, whereas in a jury trial, a jury of local residents (jurors) decides who wins. Most people assume that all trials are held…

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When Can I Modify My Child Support?

Posted in On May 12, 2023

In paternity cases and dissolution of marriage cases involving unemancipated children, your court will likely order that one of the parents will have to pay child support to the other parent.  However, as with most child related issues, child support can be modified.  And so, when can that be accomplished? In Indiana, child support can only be modified in two circumstances.  One is when there has been a substantial change of circumstances that is continuing…

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How Does Discovery Work In An Indiana Criminal Case

Posted in On May 4, 2023

If you have been charged with a crime, especially a more serious crime, then the process of the criminal case has just gotten started.  Once charges are filed there are many times a number of delays or continuances of court dates, mostly because the attorneys are engaged in a process called discovery.  This blog takes a look at what discovery is and how it works in a criminal case. In most jurisdictions in Indiana the…

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