October 2023

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Do I Have to Go to Court to Get Divorced?

Going to court can be an uncomfortable and intimidating experience for many people.  Not only have most people who are going through a divorce never been in a courtroom in their life, but being in a formal setting being questioned by another attorney and having a judge make a ruling that will impact divorce spouse’s children and finances can make for an uneasy situation. Luckily, there are options available to help avoid divorcing spouses from…

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Should I take my Criminal Case to Trial?

If you have picked up a new criminal case that is a very scary and daunting event.  You are worried about your freedom, your right to bear arms, if you’re facing a felony having a record that will greatly limit you; overall it is just a very stressful and frightening situation.  One of the more difficult decisions you will have to make is how to resolve your case.  That can be by a plea agreement,…

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Am I Eligible for a Reduction in my Federal Sentence Based on the New Amendments to the Sentencing Guidelines?

Posted in On October 6, 2023

There has been much discussion lately regarding the upcoming November 1, 2023, effective date of Amendment 821 to the Sentencing Guidelines. While this amendment is not yet effective because it remains with Congress for a 180-day review period ending November 1, 2023, if Congress fails to act to disapprove the amendment by that date it will become effective. It’s expected that Amendment 821 will become effective, and it will give District Court Judges authority to…

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