November 2023

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What are my rights in a Probation Violation?

The vast majority of criminal sentences in Indiana result in the Defendant being placed on probation. For example, you will commonly see misdemeanor cases where the sentence is “365 days in jail, all suspended to be served on probation”. What this boils down is one year of probation, with up to a year served in jail if you violate your probation. Probation always comes with a long set of rules and they can vary from…

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Is Battered Person Syndrome a Defense to Criminal Charges in Indiana?

Indiana law allows evidence to be introduced at trial of prior acts of violence perpetrated by the alleged victim on the defendant. Indiana labels this defense as “effects of battery.” “Effects of battery” is defined as “a psychological condition of an individual who has suffered repeated physical or sexual abuse inflicted by another individual who is the victim of an alleged crime for which the abused individual is charged in a pending prosecution.” IC 35-31.5-2-109….

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What Must You Do After a Motor Vehicle Accident in Indiana?

Motor vehicle accidents can be frightening and overwhelming experiences.  In Indiana, like in most states, it’s crucial to know the necessary steps to take following an accident to protect your well-being, your legal rights, and ensure a smooth claims process.  Perhaps you think you already know the answer to this question.  We will list the items, followed by a more detailed description of what you should do. Your safety and the safety of others involved…

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